JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa: Travel Diary

Looking to book your stay in Phuket Thailand? Check out the JW Marriot Resort & Spa HERE! I have been lucky enough to travel quite a fair bit in my lifetime, but this year taking on a trip to Asia was my most exciting adventure yet. The journey from Canada to Phuket, Thailand takes roughly…

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MAKEUP: My 10 Step Guide To Getting Out the Door

  10 Step Guide to Getting Out the Door I know a lot of my followers tend to ask me a lot of questions about my fave makeup products, but the truth is I am very open to trying new trends and brands. That being said, over the years I have really honed in on…

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My First Passion: DANCE

Growing up, I spent most evenings after school at the dance studio. I was extremely dedicated to my training from a very young age and would dance from 5-9p.m. five or six times a week! Dancing was my first introduction into the performing world (at age two), and I never looked back. I grew up…

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HOT SPOTS: Los Angeles

In February I took off to Los Angeles for my reading week (aka a week you get off from university to “read” – but no one actually does that) so my mom and I headed out west for an adventure! I lived in Los Angeles a summer ago, and find myself out there pretty often…

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As a lot of you may know, Madison Pettis and I have known each other since 2011 when we started filming Life With Boys together. However, you may not actually know the story behind how our ‘spirit animal’ friendship began.   The day we met we were both heading into the audition room for Life With Boys…

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